Casita Says…There’s NO Place Like Home!

Casita - Oz Realty - There's NO Place Like Home

Casita Says…

There’s NO Place Like Home… 🏠

Dorothy said it first on August 25, 1939 (79 years ago!) in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. Casita and Amy agree!

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Benefits of Owning a Home vs Renting

  • Mortgage Interest is tax deductibe
  • Your fixed mortgage payment doesn’t increase like rents almost always do in San Diego
  • You build equity as you pay down your mortgage and home prices increase
  • You can upgrade, remodel, customize and change landscaping as you desire

And there’s more! I’ve only covered some basic benefits, but feel free to talk with Amy to see if it makes sense for you to own instead of renting,

Ready to buy your own home?

Amy Ruiz - Keller Williams Realty San Diego

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