Best REALTOR® in San Diego – Amy Ruiz

Best REALTOR® in San Diego – Amy Ruiz

Who is the Best REALTOR® in San Diego? Keep reading to find out why Amy Ruiz is the real estate agent you want representing you when buying & selling a home!

Amy Ruiz - San Diego REALTOR®

Amy Ruiz
Keller Williams Realty
Cal DRE# #01513199
Phone: 619-328-6648

Amy Ruiz Home Team - San Diego, CA

Office: (by appointment)
1030 Fletcher Parkway
El Cajon, CA 92020

Amy Ruiz - San Diego Realtor
Casita - Amy's Partner and Director of Whimsical Marketing

Disclosure: The information you are about to read is true. Fortunately for me I have had the privilege of hanging out with Amy every day since 1999, long before she became a Realtor®. I know how she is both professionally and personally. In fact, I would also say I know her better than anyone. The bottom line is that I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me in a real estate transaction! – Edwin 

Amy's Qualifications

  • 15+ Years Full-Time Real Estate Experience
  • Fully English/Spanish Bilingual
  • Mentor and Coach to New Agents
  • Serves on Local REALTOR® Association Board of Directors
  • Continuous Education on Latest Real Estate Laws, Contracts and Forms
  • Stays up-to-date on latest lender programs and financing options for buyers

Hire the Best REALTOR® in San Diego

Buying or selling a Home is the most expensive transaction you’ll make in your life. You want the best professional representation, or Best Realtor® to be sure you get the best deal possible. If you don’t choose a qualified agent it can cost you thousands of dollars in the transaction.

Amy has saved clients thousands of dollars on their transactions because of her attention to detail with contracts. Just as importantly, she is an excellent negotiator and always makes sure your best interests are first priority.

Full Time vs Part Time Realtor®

As stated in Amy’s qualifications, she works full-time in Real Estate. However, “full-time” can mean different things to some agents. Amy actually works 7 days a week, unlike many agents. This is her career. It’s her only job and she is very good at it. She also answers calls, email and voicemail promptly. That’s something you’ll appreciate during your transaction.

The process of buying or selling your Home can be stressful, and you don’t want an agent who doesn’t respond in a timely manner. This is also why you don’t want to hire a part-time agent. When you’re in a hot real estate market like San Diego, timing can be critical. So when you’re ready to hire the best Realtor® in San Diego, choose one that is fully committed to real estate and your transaction.

I’ll say it again, hiring the best Realtor® in San Diego is important!

Amy also works great with other agents, mortgage lenders, investors and everyone else involved in Real Estate. In addition to her skills, her excellent reputation in the business has also helped her clients to be successful in their transactions.

Reputation Matters

To be the best Realtor® in San Diego, it’s not only what you know. Sometimes it’s just as important who you know. This is because when all else is equal in real estate transactions, having ethical and professional people working on both sides of the transaction matters.

So how does that help you when buying a home in an extremely competitive San Diego Real Estate market? Simply because Amy’s experience and excellent reputation in the business has helped many clients get into the home they want. That’s because other agents that know Amy also know that she will be professional throughout the transaction and be able to get it closed.

The Bottom Line: When your offer to buy a home is equal in price and details to other offers, Amy’s reputation in the business can give you the extra boost you need to have your offer accepted over all others. This is an advantage you won’t get with an unknown or part-time agent. So whether you’re buying or selling a home, do yourself a favor and go with someone trusted in the real estate industry! What are you waiting for? Call Amy Today!

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