Client Reviews

Amy is a fantastic realtor

Amy is a fantastic realtor who will work diligently to give you the best advice and deals in finding and selling your home. She will absolutely ensure everything is done punctually and correctly. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent.


Bought a Single Family home in 2019 in Spring Valley, CA.

Amy Ruiz was very attentive to all of our needs. She followed up on any questions and concerns regardless of what day or time it was. She would check almost everyday with us to see if there was anything extra she could do. She never stopped working with us even after we MOVED IN!!! We felt really comfortable and Amy made sure we comprehended all the information given to us. We are so blessed to have worked with her and best believe we will be seeking her out for our next home purchase. Amy is: Responsible, always on time, kind, respectful, understanding the list goes on. Please consider Amy Ruiz as realtor you won’t be disappointed.

Thore Deville 1386

Very responsive. Cares about her clients. Very knowledgeable.

Very responsive. Cares about her clients. Very knowledgeable. Makes you feel important and at peace with the whole process. She was absolutely amazing.
Bought a Condo home in 2019 in San Diego, CA.


We have worked with Amy twice

We have worked with Amy twice, and have had a great experience each time. We highly recommend her. She’s really the best agent we’ve ever worked with, and we’ve worked with many.

The first time was when our daughter bought a condo. Amy was recommended to us by our mortgage broker in Sacramento –  she said Amy would take very good care of our daughter. It was our daughter’s first home purchase. And Amy did take very good care of our daughter. She listened carefully to what she wanted and showed her many listings until our daughter found a condo she liked with everything she wanted. It was a short sale. Amy guided her through the process and kept her apprised during this very long process. Complicating the purchase was the fact that my husband and I were providing a family loan for the purchase. That meant we insisted on the condo meeting the same criteria that a bank would require. Also, in our experience, in all the places that we have lived, condos were scarce and risky. Amy had to explain, several times and patiently each time, that this was not the case in San Diego. So, Amy had 3 buyers on the same transaction and handled the situation with grace.

The second time was when my husband and I recently purchased a condo in San Marcos. She showed us condos all over San Diego county. She’s very familiar with neighborhoods in San Diego county which was very helpful because we were not. Since we did not live in the area, she went to several condos on her own and showed them to us through face time, going from room to room, showing us everything, narrating the tour. We felt like we were there. Much better than any video tour I’ve seen online.

Amy is reachable. She answers her phone and when she can’t she calls right back or texts. I like how her outgoing phone message gives her availability for the day. She always seems to take phone calls through the dinner hour. She works week-ends. She returns emails and texts just as promptly.

Her husband, retired, does much of the driving. For us that meant that Amy was available to talk without distraction while he was driving AND we didn’t have to worry about her going into a vacant listing alone. Even in the daytime, I wouldn’t have been comfortable with that.

When we made the offer on our condo, she gave great advice on all the elements of the offer, and was very organized and explained everything as we went through the final purchase. She read the disclosure documents and preliminary title report and was able to discuss those with us. The condo needed a bit of work before we could move in. She had names of contractors and handymen we could and did use and we were happy with all of them.

She left her lockbox on the unit for us to use after the purchase so that the contractors could get in. This necessitates them calling her for a one day code to enter. What a hassle. The sale was over. For Amy, it’s never over. One of the contractors called me to say that a neighbor had left a note on our door that they had turned off our water because they thought we had a leak affecting their unit. The contractor said the man did not speak English very well. So I am assuming that he speaks Spanish and I call Amy in a panic. Amy is fluent in Spanish. To make a long story short, Amy made several calls and sorted everything out. Mind you, this was at least a month after we closed on the condo. For Amy, it’s never over.

We did not travel to San Marcos for the home inspection, but Amy was there with her tripod, and phone, and face timed us. The home inspector she uses was very comfortable face timing with us throughout the inspection and at the final wrap up. She took some room, closet and cabinet measurements for us at that time too so that we knew what we could move in with, donate, or store. After we closed, she mailed a key to us and hand delivered a copy to our daughter. Service with a smile. The customer’s needs come first.

Do you think it’s normal to be so available, to read through documents instead of just passing them along to the buyer, to have names of contractors and handymen? Think again. Shockingly, it’s not the norm. It should be but it’s just not.

Amy is smart, kind, upbeat, and will go the extra mile for you. We highly recommend her.


It was the best experience

It was the best experience to have someone so knowledgeable and professional to care our dream home. Amy is the person who will be with you from the start until the end but not just like a sales person! She will take your family concerns as hers. Thank you Amy!

Carlos Corral

Amy is such a caring individual.

Amy is such a caring individual. She takes time to build relationships with her clients to ensure she can provide the most excellent home buying or selling experience. I have worked with her for both and each time she exhibited the utmost professionalism, enthusiasm, and care for our family.


So many details to buying or selling a home.

There are so many details to buying or selling a home. Amy pays close attention to all of them and explains the entire process so I never walked out of her office confused or unsure of anything! I had to sell my condo and Amy made it so easy for me! Thanks Amy for your patience and expertise.   You are amazing at what you do!


I cannot say enough about Amy Ruiz.

I cannot say enough about Amy Ruiz.  My mom is in her late 70’s and I live in far away Georgia.  Amy held my mom’s hand thru the entire process of listing and selling her home DURING the May-June COVID-19 period.  She not only kept us all informed thru out the entire process, but was very  protective of my mother’s safety during this strange time.  Her marketing was exceptional:  3 days on the market, didn’t even have time to put a For Sale sign in the yard, a near full price offer and a seamless Closing process.

Thank you Amy – we could not have done this without you!

Chris Fox

Makes you feel you are her only client!

Makes you feel you are her only client!

Finds great places and helps with every step in buying a place – she is very personable and efficient.

Sally Yeatts

Meeting Amy was the best thing that ever happened to us

My husband and I started our journey looking for a home in 2017; we were referred to Amy Ruiz by a very good friend of mine (Outstanding choice). We came in knowing nothing about being home owners or even the process.

We meet Amy in TierraSanta when she was showing a condo in our area; to be honest in came into it with very low expectations and my wall shield on, when you are told so many time NO or you’ve had bad experiences in the past that left a sour taste in your mouth one becomes very protective.

Meeting Amy was the best thing that ever happened to us; from the start she was easy going and not pushy, she said “I’m here to educate and provide you all the knowledge you need regarding real-estate and hopefully in the process create a long lasting relationship with you”

WTF! That’s what I said (inside)

That started our house hunting journey; don’t get me wrong it was a process in itself and sometimes we wanted to quit, Amy was always keeping us focus on our goal and motivating us to hang in there. We seen many homes we loved and submitted offers but yet we were over bided due to our loan amount, because of Amy’s hard work we were able to get a higher loan to insure better buying power. We found a wonderful home.

If you want a dedicated, team player, down to earth and exceptional work ethics; then Amy Ruiz “can’t get any better than that”.

Thank Amy for helping us open a new chapter of our lives in our new home.

Warmest Regards.
P, C, K & G

Peter & Carlos

Amy Ruiz played such a vital part in finding us the right home.

Amy Ruiz played such a vital part in finding us the right home. She knows so many people in the Real Estate community. She referred us to different lenders until we found one we were comfortable with. Together, with the lender, they helped us get all the documentation we needed and made the entire process as seamless as possible. She is amazing at what she does! She never hurried us or guided us in the wrong direction in order to make a quick sale. She listened to what we were looking for and helped us find the right home.