Client Reviews

Thank Amy for helping us

My husband and I started our journey looking for a home in 2017; we were referred to Amy Ruiz by a very good friend of mine (Outstanding choice). We came in knowing nothing about being home owners or even the process.

We meet Amy in TierraSanta when she was showing a condo in our area; to be honest in came into it with very low expectations and my wall shield on, when you are told so many time NO or you’ve had bad experiences in the past that left a sour taste in your mouth one becomes very protective.

Meeting Amy was the best thing that ever happened to us; from the start she was easy going and not pushy, she said “I’m here to educate and provide you all the knowledge you need regarding real-estate and hopefully in the process create a long lasting relationship with you”

WTF! That’s what I said (inside)

That started our house hunting journey; don’t get me wrong it was a process in itself and sometimes we wanted to quit, Amy was always keeping us focus on our goal and motivating us to hang in there. We seen many homes we loved and submitted offers but yet we were over bided due to our loan amount, because of Amy’s hard work we were able to get a higher loan to insure better buying power. We found a wonderful home.

If you want a dedicated, team player, down to earth and exceptional work ethics; then Amy Ruiz “can’t get any better than that”.

Thank Amy for helping us open a new chapter of our lives in our new home.

Warmest Regards.
P, C, K & G

Peter & Carlos

She is amazing

Amy Ruiz played such a vital part in finding us the right home. She knows so many people in the Real Estate community. She referred us to different lenders until we found one we were comfortable with. Together, with the lender, they helped us get all the documentation we needed and made the entire process as seamless as possible. She is amazing at what she does! She never hurried us or guided us in the wrong direction in order to make a quick sale. She listened to what we were looking for and helped us find the right home.