Disney History – February 3

This Day in Disney History February 3


Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse Dolls, 1930's
Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse Dolls, 1930’s

1930: Roy O. Disney Signs Contract for Disney Merchandising with George Borgfeldt Company

From D23:
The first merchandise contract was signed in February 1930, granting Geo. Borgfeldt & Co. the responsibility to manage the licensing of Disney product to manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad. One of the items that Walt and Roy were most focused on was the production of a Mickey Mouse stuffed doll.
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Disney Mickey Mouse Society Dog Show 1939

1939: The Mickey Mouse Cartoon Short “Society Dog Show” was released

From Wikipedia:
Society Dog Show is a 1939 Mickey Mouse cartoon short produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures. The animated short was directed by Bill Roberts and animated by Al Eugster, Shamus Culhane, Fred Moore, John Lounsbery, Norm Ferguson, and Leo Salkin. The film originally released on February 3, 1939.

This cartoon is notable in that it was the last appearance of Mickey’s older character design, primarily the dotted eyes in the design. There was later a comic strip based on this short by Floyd Gottfredson although the comic strip was portrayed quite differently than the cartoon.
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Disney The Three Caballeros 1945
Original theatrical release poster

1945: Disney Animated Feature “The Three Caballeros” is Released

From Wikipedia:
The film premiered in Mexico City on December 21, 1944. It was released in the United States on February 3, 1945 and in the UK that March. The seventh Disney animated feature film, the film plots an adventure through parts of Latin America, combining live-action and animation. This is the second of the six package films released by Walt Disney Productions in the 1940s, following Saludos Amigos (1942).
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From Disney Movies on Demand:
The ever popular and excitable Donald Duck stars in one of his greatest adventures — a dazzling blend of live action and classic Disney animation bursting with south-of-the-border sights and sounds! When Donald receives a magical collection of gifts from his Latin American friends, they become his passport to a fantastic musical journey with Joe Carioca and Panchito, a charro rooster. With these experts to guide him, Donald hops, skips and jumps his way through every splash of local color — each stop full of surprises and sensational songs! Disney’s seventh full-length animated film, The Three Caballeros is a stunning celebration of visual effects, lighthearted dance and lively Latin music. It’s fine-feathered fun for the whole family!


Pixar Headquarters in Emeryville, CA
Pixar Headquarters in Emeryville, CA

1986: Pixar Animation Studios was founded

From Pixar.com:
On Feb. 3, 1986, Steve Jobs purchases the Computer Graphics Division from George Lucas and establishes an independent company to be christened “Pixar.” At this time about 44 people are employed.
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