Disney History – January 15

This Day in Disney History January 15


Disneyland Hotel Marina, circa 1982
Disneyland Hotel Marina, circa 1982

1969: The 315 Room Marina Tower officially opened at the Disneyland Hotel


1975: Space Mountain opens at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

From DisneyWorld.com:
With help from a NASA astronaut, Space Mountain opened in January 1975 at Magic Kingdom park. The idea originated with Walt Disney in the 1960s, but the technology did not exist to bring his vision to life.

Later, when the attraction was given the green light, Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper joined the Space Mountain creative team as a consultant. He wanted to make sure that the attraction incorporated information gleaned during NASA’s early space missions and that the experience felt like actual space flight. His valuable input has made Space Mountain a favorite for over 35 years.
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From D23:
It was on this day in 1975 that about 2,000 guests, including several astronauts, attended the dedication of the Walt Disney World Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, the first roller coaster of its kind, rocketing through the dark over nearly invisible tracks. The grand opening festivities included a band of 2,000 high school students, fireworks and the release of 50,000 balloons.
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From Wikipedia:
Space Mountain is an indoor outer space-themed steel roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Opened on January 15, 1975, Space Mountain is the oldest operating roller coaster in the state of Florida, and is the original version of the iconic attraction that has since been replicated at all of The Walt Disney Company’s Magic Kingdom-style theme parks worldwide.
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