Disney History – January 21

This Day in Disney History – January 21


Gala Day at Disneyland - 1960

1960: “Gala Day at Disneyland” debuts featuring new Matterhorn Bobsled, Submarine Voyage and Monorail attractions

From D23:
Gala Day at Disneyland (film) Documentary featurette, released on January 21, 1960. Produced by Hamilton Luske. The gala dedication ceremonies at the opening of three new major attractions at Disneyland—Matterhorn Bobsleds, Submarine Voyage, and the new Monorail—include a parade down Main Street with appearances by Walt and Roy Disney and members of their families…
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Disney's Pocahontas - Colors of the Wind

1996: The Pocahontas song “Colors of the Wind” won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. It also won the Academy Award for Best Original Song on March 25, 1996.

From Wikipedia:
“Colors of the Wind” is a song first performed by American recording artist Vanessa Williams. It was written by lyricist Stephen Schwartz and composer Alan Menken for Walt Disney Pictures’ thirty-third animated feature film Pocahontas (1995). The film’s theme song, “Colors of the Wind” was originally recorded by American singer and actress Judy Kuhn in her role as the singing voice of Pocahontas. Williams’ rendition of the song was released as the lead single from the film’s soundtrack on March 23, 1995. A pop ballad, the song’s lyrics speak of respecting nature and living in harmony with the Earth’s creatures.
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