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I am excited to present Final Belongings, a new Suspense Novel
written by Sarah Beauchemin, my friend and client!

Final Belongings Novel, by Sarah Beauchemin

Final Belongings

a novel

Sarah, who is one of my friends and a client recently wrote a new mystery and suspense novel!

The book’s description says it’s a brilliantly compelling, suspenseful, and an intoxicating tale told through the interwoven narratives of Juliet

She lost her mother, and as she is sorting through her effects she comes across a picture with an urgent message in her uncle Henry’s final belongings, who died a tragic death in Italy. 

Wow, this sounds like I will be definitely be hooked until the end of the book.  

Congratulations Sarah!

Amazon #1 Best Seller!

Final Belongings Novel - Amazon Best Seller January 2023

Final Belongings is currently the #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s Literary Travel category. I am super excited to start reading it!

So if this sounds like an interesting read to you as well, see the Amazon Button and Free Book Preview below so you can read more about the book. Hopefully it will also entice you to read it, just like it did me!


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Free Book Preview

It will get you hooked!

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