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Made in the USA: Buy American is not just a slogan. So why should you care about buying American? It’s simply because buying Made in USA is good for both you and the economy. That’s also why I shop for American made products first. It’s also why Amy and I are working to make this one of the best websites to find made in usa products.

Why Made in USA is Important

So why do companies make products in other countries in the first place? Usually because of cheaper labor costs. Cheap labor is good for corporations and stockholders, not America. When Americans lose jobs to other countries, it hurts the economy. It also makes America depend on a communist country for many products, including pharmaceutical ingredients. It’s also dangerous to have things we depend on in the hands of a communist government. When we depend on the communists it makes them wealthier and more powerful, and America weaker. Having said that, I’m not making a political statement. I’m simply saying something that common sense citizens would agree on.

Start Buying American Now

Bringing manufacturing back to America is the best way to make our country stronger again. While it’s not yet possible to only buy American products, every one counts. When you buy as many made in USA products as possible, it goes a long way to improving the economy. If more people start to buy America made products, America wins. Then the smart companies will notice this and move manufacturing back here.

It’s worth saying again, buying American made products is good for all of America. When you do, you’re supporting smaller companies and American workers!

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