Need YOUR Help!

Hi Friends!

There are families that need your help,

There are 20 plus families that need your help this holiday season. Each winter, the school runs a holiday food drive to provide boxes of food to our neediest families: typically 20-25 families. This year, to mitigate COVID-19 contact risk, we are having departments and individuals adopt a family and provide a completed food box. Here is a list of the suggested food items for each family’s box:

Canned Veggies (5)                   Canned Fruit (5)
Tuna (2)                                        Canned Beans (2)
Canned Soup (4)                         Pasta Sauce (2)
Jam/Jelly (1).                              Cranberry Sauce (1)
Peanut Butter (1)                         Rice (1)
Dried Beans (1).                           Pasta (2)
Cereal (3).                                     Mac n’ Cheese (2)
Cake Mix (1)                                 Frosting (1)
Instant Mashed Potatoes (2)    Pancake Mix (1)
Stuffing (2)                                   Cookies (1)
Popcorn (1)                                  Marshmallows (1)
Check Mix or Snacks (2).           Drink Mix (2)
Canned Ham (1)                          Parm Cheese (1)

If you are interested in helping, please call or text me at 619/328-6648 or email me at If you are not able to help, please do not worry, maybe say a small prayer for these families.  Thank you and God Bless.

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