Organic Coffee Mocha Recipe – Eddie Approved

Organic Coffee Mocha Recipe - Eddie Approved |

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Do you sometimes need a pick me up after lunch? For an afternoon delight or anytime really, try this organic coffee mocha recipe (aka Café mocha) to perk you up. It’s Eddie (and Amy) Approved! If you want to read about the awesome ingredients, keep reading after the recipe. They’re all quality ingredients and components of the recipe. So you’ll thank me, especially if you haven’t heard of them before! 🙂

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Following is the simple recipe I use to make our Afternoon Delight beverage of choice, Organic Coffee Mocha. Enjoy!

Organic Coffee Mocha Recipe

  • Heat filtered water to your temperature preference. We use the “Coffee” button selection (200 degrees) on the Cosori Glass Electric Kettle. It’s very easy!
  • Add desired amount of coffee to coffee mug
  • Add 1 packet of Organic Pure Cane Sugar or Organic Non-GMO Pure Via stevia.
    Note: The organic chocolate milk also has cane sugar, so it depends on your personal taste to add extra sweetener or not.
  • Pour water into mug, leaving plenty of room for the milk and stir thoroughly.
  • Add desired amount of Organic Chocolate Milk and stir again.
  • Bonus: For an extra kick, try adding a shot or two of Whiskey (or Rum) for a tasty adult beverage. 👍
  • Most importantly, enjoy responsibly (don’t drink and drive)!

Organic Coffee Mocha Ingredients

Café Altura Organic Coffee

Cafe Altura Coffees

Amy and I have been drinking Café Altura Organic Coffee for several years now. It’s excellent coffee from a great California small company. They have Organic Whole Bean, Fresh Ground, Espresso, Biodynamic® Regenerative Coffee and others. But we like their organic instant coffee because it’s quick and very easy to make, and it tastes great!

We like it so much that we also subscribe and save 15% on Amazon, so it’s delivered automatically every month, very easy! You can also subscribe directly from Café Altura and save 5%. They have great customer service also, but between the 15% savings plus another 5% from the Amazon Store Card, it’s an easy choice.

Plus, it’s very easy to mix caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee for a half-caff coffee when you don’t want full caffeine. Of course you can also use full decaf if that’s better for you, and still get the same great taste. Whichever way you prefer for your organic coffee, they have it!

Plant Based Organic Sweeteners

Plant Based Organic Sweeteners

For healthier sweeteners, we like Organic/Non-GMO PURE VIA Stevia, Organic Pure Cane Sugar. You can also use a mixture of both (usually half and half). We buy them in bulk packets on Amazon, as it’s easy to use every day at home. Plus, it’s also easy to take with you to restaurants and coffee shops.

Most restaurants and coffee shops only have the toxic chemical sweeteners which are very unhealthy. That’s probably because they are commonly used and less expensive compared to plant based sweeteners.

After learning about how unhealthy the non-organic sweeteners are, I decided that it’s worth any extra expense. A beverage is only a very short term pleasure. But your overall health affects your life and how healthy you are to enjoy it.

Filtered Water

ProOne Gravity Water Cannister - Big Plus With Stand
ProOne Gravity Water Cannister – Big Plus With Stand
Cosori Electric Kettle
Cosori Electric Kettle

We also use filtered water from a ProOne Big+ Gravity Water Canister (also available on Amazon). Then we boil it in a Cosori Electric Kettle, add an organic plant based sweetener, organic milk and enjoy.

You’ll never get as good or an organic a cup of coffee from Starbucks or any coffee shop or restaurant. Why? Simply because I doubt they use anything organic, or filtered water.

For a healthy and quick and easy cup of coffee any time of day or night, I highly recommend Cafe Altura Instant Coffee using filtered water!

Yeti Mugs

We also prefer Yeti coffee mugs (also available on Amazon) to keep any tasty beverage warm longer, or to travel with. The only thing better would be if they were Made in America. Note: Yeti Authorized is the only authorized seller of Yeti Gear on Amazon, so be sure to check the seller when purchasing on Amazon!

Organic Chocolate Milk

Straus Family Creamery - Chocolate Milk - 32oz

We buy Straus Organic Whole Chocolate Milk. Plus, we also buy the Organic Whole White Milk in Half Gallon size for morning coffee or with a meal. Those sizes come in glass bottles at our local Sprouts store, but you can also get Organic White Milk in the gallon size (although it’s a plastic jug).

The Truths of Plastic Recycling

Note: You have to pay a $3 refundable deposit on the glass bottles at Sprouts, but you don’t have to be concerned about ingesting micro-plastics directly like you might in a plastic jug. Plus it’s more environmentally friendly (in my opinion), as only 4 to 5% of plastic in the U.S. is actually recycled (depending on the study) and the rest ends up incinerated or in landfills at best, or in third world countries and rivers as well as oceans at worst.

Even the plastic that is supposedly recycled (only the #1 and 2 in the fake recycling arrows) has to go through several rinsing and purification cycles, so it doesn’t use less water or energy than re-using the glass bottles. Plus there are other concerns that Plastics Recycling Releases ‘Toxic Chemical Cocktail’, so you may want to consider not recycling plastic at all…

Watch the videos below for some examples of the truth about plastic recycling…

Tip: Use Brave Browser to browse the web and also watch videos. Brave Browser blocks Ads on many websites, YouTube, Twitter, Gettr, Truth Social, etc. It’s a far better browsing/viewing experience and more private!

I would encourage you to learn more about the truth of plastics and plastic recycling (or lack of it more accurately) and how single use plastic waste is harming not only the planet, but humans and wildlife as well. While plastic is useful in many cases and often the only practical way, it also has a dark side. Being informed and reducing your use of single use plastics can go a long way to helping the planet and all life on it. Thanks for taking the time to read the article!

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