Puerto Rican Food Truck – AntoYitos Borincanos

Hello Food Truck cuisine enthusiasts, there’s a new Puerto Rican Food Truck in San Diego! So if you’ve been craving authentic food from the Island of Enchantment, now is a good time to get out and try it!

Jennifer Brown (left) - AntoYitos Borincanos, with Amy Ruiz
Jennifer Brown (left) with Amy

In the video below, I interview Jennifer Brown, owner of AntoYitos Borincanos food truck. She explains that the name comes from her father, who loved to cook. So to honor him, they started this business for him and named it after him. Instead of calling it Antojitos (snacks), they call it AntoYitos because they called him Yitos. So it’s both a clever play on words, and a nice touch in the memory of her father.

Jennifer says the food truck brings a little flavor from the island of enchantment, Puerto Rico. Of course, they also do their best to make it authentic as well. Another reason they started the food truck is because they love Puerto Rican food, but don’t always find it in San Diego. So the food truck is also a great way to share a bit of cuisine from the island with others.

They have a popular item on the menu called AntoYitos Box, which she says has a little of everything including Kabobs and Rice on Tripleta fries, and that it’s enough to feed about two people.

Location and Hours

The Food Truck is currently located in the parking lot at Manolo Farmers Market, 303 Highland Ave in National City. So stop by Tuesday through Saturday and try their delicious food, and don’t forget to tell them Amy Ruiz sent you! Besides their Facebook and Instagram pages (links below), you can also call them at 619-630-8594 for the latest information.

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AntoYitos Borincanos – Puerto Rican Food Truck in San Diego
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