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Amy Ruiz – REALTOR® Near Me

Are you looking for the best REALTOR® in La Mesa or San Diego to help you buy or sell your home? You’ve come to the right place!

Amy Ruiz - Keller Williams Realty San DiegoAmy has been a highly successful full-time REALTOR® in La Mesa since 2006, helping people buy or sell their home not only in La Mesa, but all across San Diego county. Here’s a few reasons that make Amy stand out from “average” real estate agents:

1. Amy works with and for her clients seven days a week. Plus she is always attending (and re-attending) real estate technical classes to stay informed and keep up to date with technology and real estate contracts.

Why is this important to you? Simply put, to be a great negotiator on your behalf and help you get the best deal, also making sure your transaction successfully closes (she doesn’t get paid unless it does!). Unlike many real estate agents, she also answers and returns your phone calls seven days a week so you get quick answers to your questions!

2. Amy is very personable and gets along well not only with all of her clients (which also end up being life-long friends), but also with other agents and everyone else involved in the transaction. She’s also fully bi-lingual English/Spanish and is a great communicator in both languages.

Why is this important to you? Here’s a real estate secret: just like in any industry, not all real estate agents are savvy, easy to work with or do everything they can to benefit their clients. Amy really has all of the great qualities that you want in a REALTOR® and provides an excellent home buying/selling experience. She goes far above and beyond an “average” agent. Amy’s friendly personality combined with her enthusiasm, responsiveness, diligence and ongoing real estate educational activities also gives her a good reputation with other local agents and provides you the support you need to be successful in your transaction.

3. Amy loves helping people buy and sell their homes! Transitioning from a successful career in Human Resources to full-time Real Estate back in 2006 was a thoughtful choice for Amy, not just another way to earn a living.

Why is this important to you?
 It takes courage and determination to leave a comfortable and well salaried position with benefits, to be self-employed in the highly competitive world of real estate with no benefits and work with no-guarantees, large annual business expenses, and only getting paid if and when a transaction closes.Amy definitely has what it takes and has been successful even through bad economies when many agents left the real estate industry, because she really enjoys helping people with their largest and most expensive transaction in life and is really, really good at it. You’ll be glad when you choose Amy to help you with your home!

How Do I know the Truth About Amy?
I’ve been best friends and have been hanging out with her every day since 1999 and see first hand not only how she works day after day (year after year), but just as importantly what kind of person she is 24/7…including at home on what little time-off she has. Basically I know her better than anyone, and I’m obligated to tell the truth. 🙂

The good news is that what you see is what you get with Amy, she’s genuinely a friendly person with the skills, experience and determination to help you achieve your real estate goals. I wouldn’t spend my time working with her (or hanging out with her for that matter) if she wasn’t everything I’ve described.

So if you’re  as convinced as I am and ready to let Amy help you buy or sell your home, give her a call (right now!) at (619) 328-6648, and tell her I sent you. She’ll be glad to hear from you!

– Edwin Johnson
Amy Ruiz & Associates

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