Aqua-Flo Pumps Installation Guide

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Aqua-Flo Pumps Installation Guide

Instructions for all Flo-Master XP2, XP2e, XP3, Flo-Master HP/CP, Circ-Master HP/CP and Whirlmaster pumps

  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Installation and Operating Instructions

Installation and Operating Instructions

Instructions below are directly from the official Installation and Operating Instructions

Bonding wire − Upon installation of the pump, the motor must be bonded with (no smaller than) a no.8 awg (8.4 mm2) solid copper conductor per national electric code. The connection should be from the accessible wire connector on the motor to all metal parts of the swimming pool, spa or hot tub structure and to all electrical equipment, metal conduit and metal piping within 5 feet (1.5m) of the inside walls of the swimming pool, spa or hot tub, when the motor is installed within 5 feet of the inside walls of the swimming pool, spa or hot tub.



  • Your Aqua-Flo by Gecko pump has been quality built and engineered to give maximum efficiency under normal working conditions. Consult the manufacturer for any other applications.

Location of Pump

  • For best pump performance, locate the system as close to the water source as possible. Provide adequate access around the pump for inspections and maintenance.
  • This pump was designed for below water level (flooded suction) applications. Make sure the pump is installed at a
    level that will allow the pump casing (volute) to be completely filled with water.

Plumbing and Fittings

  • Two compression fittings are included with your pump for ease of installation and maintenance. Make sure the fittings are correctly aligned with pump connections to allow the o-ring to ensure proper sealing. Hand tighten only. Do not use a wrench to tighten fittings.
  • For Aqua-Flo by Gecko’s compression fittings DO NOT USE any Thread seal tape (PTFE tape), Teflon Quick-Seal Thread Sealing Compound, Plasto-Joint Stik or any other sealants.
  • Avoid excessive tightening of pipe or fittings in any areas where threaded connections are used.
  • For NPT threaded connections (and ONLY National Pipe Thread threaded connections) use any Thread seal tape (PTFE tape), Teflon Quick-Seal Thread Sealing Compound, Plasto-Joint Stik or any other sealants formulated specifi- cally for plastics.

Starting and Priming Pump

  • Do not run unit dry. Always be certain that the pump casing is filled with water before starting the unit. Allow a reasonable amount of time for priming. If pump will not start or will not prime, see troubleshooting section in this manual


  • Keep the motor clean. Ensure that all openings are free from debris and obstructions. Over a period of time, the impeller seal may become damaged or worn and must be replaced.


  • To prevent damage during freezing conditions, disconnect all electrical power. Drain thoroughly and clean out any debris. Protect pump and motor from elements by covering or, if possible, store in a dry, well ventilated room.


NOTE: The information on this page was accurate at time of posting. 

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