Aeware IN XE Owners Manual

Download the Aeware IN XE Owners Manual – Everything you need to know about the entry level spa pack platform in this User Guide. It’s FREE!

Table of Contents

3. introduction

4. warnings

5. features

in.xe™ overview

7. overview

8. in.xe™ dimensions

9. in.k200™ dimensions

in.xe™ installation

10. floor installation

11. wall installation

in.k200™ installation and connections

12. installing the in.k200™

13. connecting main keypad to in.xe™

​in.xe™ connections

14.  electrical wiring North American model in.xe™

16. electrical wiring European model in.xe.ce™

17. heater connections

18.™ connectors

23j. power-up and breaker setting

26. programming the in.xe™


keypad overview

35. introduction

36. function description

37. instructions

41. typical settings

in.xe™ error codes

spa pack error codes summary

42. ​in.xe™ error codes

44. Hr error condition

45. Prr error condition

46. HL error condition

49. Flo error condition

50. UPL error condition

51. AOH error condition

52. OH error condition


53. pump 1 doesn’t work

56. pump 2 or blower doesn’t work

59. circulation pump doesn’t work

61. ​ozonator doesn’t work

63. nothing seems to work

66. spa not heating

68. keypad doesn’t seem to work

69. gfci trips

70. in.xe™ step by step field replacement procedure

77. how to replace the heater

80. specifications

NOTE: The information on this page was accurate at time of posting. 

If you have questions regarding any spa parts on this page, please contact the manufacturer. If you have any Real Estate questions, contact me, I’m happy to answer your questions! ~ Amy

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