Hot Tub Spa Pumps

How To Find The Correct Replacement Hot Tub/Spa Pump

To put it simply, the pump is the heart of your spa or hot tub. Without it, the hot tub is useless, or at least not enjoyable. So it’s in your best interest to always buy a brand new replacement pump. While you might save a little money at first with a rebuilt pump, you could end up replacing the rebuilt unit a lot faster than a new unit. This would cause you more frustration and expense, which is not the best way to enjoy it!

All of the pumps listed on this site have brand new motors and brand new wet ends, not rebuilt. Save yourself time and trouble with new replacement parts!

Pump Components

If you’re new to owning a hot tub, the pump has two parts. The wet end, which contains the impeller (the key moving part), and a motor to turn the impeller. Spa pumps draw water in from suction ports like main drains and skimmers and return the water through the jets. The front of the pump is the location of the intake or suction and on the top (or side) is where the water discharges and leaves the spa pump under pressure.

When replacing a spa pump, you’ll need some important information before you can select the proper pump. This information can usually be found on your old pump stickers. Your current pump model number also helps.

  1. Frame size: 48 or 56 
  2. Speed: single or dual 
  3. Voltage: 115V or 230V 
  4. Horse power: 3/4 HP all the way up to 5 HP 
  5. Pipe or Plumbing size: 1.5″ or 2″

Spa Pumps and Accessories

Dura-Jet by Balboa

  • Balboa DJAYGB-0031 Dura-Jet 48 Frame Pump


  • Grundfos 1030005 1″ Barb Circulation Pump
  • Grundfos 1030007 1″ Barb Circulation Pump



  • Waterway EX 2 48-Frame & 56-Frame
  • Waterway Viper 56-Frame
  • Waterway Iron Might
  • Waterway Tiny Might
  • Waterway Uni-Might
  • Waterway Spa Flo

Spa Pump Accessories

  • Pump Motors
  • Pump Parts
  • Pump Seals
  • Pump Unions
  • Wet Ends

NOTE: The information on this page was accurate at time of posting. 

If you have questions regarding any spa parts on this page, please contact the manufacturer. If you have any Real Estate questions, contact me, I’m happy to answer your questions! ~ Amy

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