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Made in USA Sunglasses – Gatorz Eyewear. Established in San Diego, California in 1989. Gatorz eyewear comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Shop for Tactical Eyewear, Ballistics Rated ANSI Z87+ Military Grade Sunglasses. Adjustable and Polarized Sunglasses. The Preferred Choice of Special Operations Forces, but they’re also great for anyone who appreciates precision quality. Gatorz eyewear is also available with your prescription!

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Made in USA – Gatorz Magnum sunglasses and eyewear also comes in different styles, like the Magnum 2.0 Asian Fit and Magnum Z. The Magnum Z is part of the ANSI Z87+ line, which meets and exceeds US ballistic impact standards. Gatorz ANSI rated products can withstand impact from projectiles at speeds of up to 250 feet per second.

  • Magnum Polarized
  • Magnum Non-Polarized
  • Magnum Special Editions
    Patriot American Flag
  • Magnum Opus
  • Magnum Asian Fit
  • ANSI Z87.1 MILSPEC Ballistic Magnum
  • Asian Fit ANSI Z87.1 MILSPEC Ballistic Magnum
  • Limited Edition Ronin Collection

Gatorz DELTA

The popular lifestyle Delta sunglasses provide full coverage with a square shaped frame and larger lenses. The unisex frame is large enough to comfortably fit a mans face while offering a look that’s also desirable for women. The Delta features the classic Gatorz durability, while offering the perfect combination of function and style. They’re perfect for a range day, working out, or any outdoor adventure.

  • MILSPEC Ballistic Delta
  • Delta Polarized
  • Delta Non Polarized
  • Delta M4
  • Delta Special Editions
    Patriot Matte Black
  • Limited Edition Delta
    Matte Black/Smoked Polarized w/Pink Mirror


Made in USA Sunglasses – Gatorz Wraptors feature a medium size, wrap style fit. With a tighter wrap than the Magnum, this style is popular with skydivers, bikers, runners or anyone looking for a close fitting, comfortable frame. A Gatorz original, the Wraptor looks great on any face shape, especially those looking for a smaller fit.

  • Wraptor Polarized
  • Wraptor Non Polarized
  • ANSI Z87+ Wraptor
  • Wraptor Special Editions Patriot American Flag

Gatorz STARK

Not to be confused with Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man… Inspired by the classic aviator, Gatorz Stark sunglasses offer the same durability and adjustability as all Gatorz sunglasses. Made for both men and women, the frame features large full coverage lenses and engineered ventilation on the temples. As always, the Stark is proudly American made and has a lifetime warranty.

  • Stark Matte Blackout / Smoke Polarized
  • Stark Matte Blackout / Smoke
  • Stark Matte Blackout / Smoke Polarized w/Blue Mirror
  • Stark Matte Blackout / Rose Polarized w/Gold Mirror
  • Stark Matte Blackout / Brown Polarized w/Green Mirror
  • Stark Gun Metal / Smoked Polarized / Matte Black Logo
  • Stark Matte Blackout / Sunburst Mirror Polarized / Matte Black Logo


Made in USA – Gatorz Boxster sunglasses feature a large size lens on a wider set frame. With more square shaped features, this frame offers a stylish yet tough look. The Boxster provides a great option for people with a wider face shape and those who are looking for larger, full coverage sunglasses.

  • Boxster Polarized
  • Boxster Non Polarized
  • Boxster Special Edition
    Patriot American Flag / Smoked Polarized


Edwin's Rating

I have the Gatorz SPECTER polarized sunglasses. They are easily the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned! – Edwin

Made in USA Sunglasses – The Gatorz Specter are high performance frames featuring all the benefits of a wrap style complete with edgy, hard lines. Free case included with purchase!

  • Specter Polarized
  • ANSI Z87.1+ MILSPEC Ballistic Specter
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